Pen and paper- the seeds of stories

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”

The immediacy of an ordinary pen and some paper,  as they wait on the table is a tantalising invitation to form words. Quite often I find myself etching in hand-writing across a page, up the sides, with sentences squeezed in above and below others, creating an endless collages of words  like a jigsaw.

A pen and some paper are tools to turn a thought inside out, to see it from different  angles. If thoughts and feelings were clouds, I’d watch them as they form in the centre of my mind, and then travel through my hands  and turn into liquid ink as they appear on the page like thoughts in cloud form. Some thought clouds  just evaporate, while others grow, gathering together all they need to become more robust.

Writing with pen and paper lets me think out of the box, it defies all that is oblong or square and my curious mind can play with the language it makes. In my writing box there are envelopes, opened out, where I have written right up to the edge of each angled cut. They are the seeds of stories and songs,  thoughts in motion; caught in a moment of inspiration. Words on paper are palpable and  can be formed into shapes that mirror the workings of the mind and heart.  The act of writing on paper is imbued with the energy of the moment it was created, this informs me of subtleties that I may not see by using a type font.

However, were it not for lashings of computer technology I would not have travelled so far with my word-smithery, for choices of all kinds lead to decisions about the way I can present my words. There are different tools for all aspects of creation, the choices are abundant, but pens and pieces of paper are a most beautiful starting point.